Ken's 50th Birthday Party

The weather held off, guest violinist Katie Crawford, great night, good times. 

Dan's 50th Birthday Party

Wonderful night, great crowd and a night that even Elvis couldn't miss. 

Recording at Prevail Music 2014

Great experience, awesome people to work with, thanks Matt.  Be sure to visit Prevail Music's webpage for all your recording/marketing and promoting needs.

Grand River Band Gig Highlight Photos By Year

Valentines Day Wedding 2014

 What a great night.

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Lynne's Birthday Party

The rain didn't stop the festivities. 

PRPA Family Day

August 17th we performed at a private corporate event for an outside family day. Here are some photos from this event.

KOC Charity Motorcycle Ride 2014

One of the largest turnouts and money raised. See you again next year! 
Thanks to Greg for the sound system and his time and also Nick Pellow for the photo's and time.